361 degrees podcast – Episode 10: Bothersome things

In the latest episode of the 361 degrees podcast, I receive a virtual yellow card for using the word ‘sodding‘ during the episode (referring to MMS). Ben was not impressed at my language and I could feel Rafe giving me a stare from 3,000 miles away. I couldn’t help it. ūüėČ

Anyway, let’s get on with the overview. First, here’s a cunningly photoshopped set of photos of the podcast protagonists — (left to right) Ben, myself and then Rafe.


Episode 10 – Bothersome things… (mp3)

This week we’re recording remotely again as Ewan calls in from Austin, Texas. In the last episode of series 1 (don’t worry series 2 is already on the way) we have a bit of a whinge discussing ‘bothersome things‘¬†(as Rafe terms them).

Ben‘s list covered pages by the time we finished listing them pre-recording so here’s a few choice ones… We discuss:

  • WiFi hotspots
  • MMS
  • Batteries
  • Mobile apps failing without coverage
  • Context sensitive ringing

Gumpy old men we might be, but these are the niggles which drive us mad daily. What are yours?

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By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

4 replies on “361 degrees podcast – Episode 10: Bothersome things”

One of my biggest niggles in mobile is contact syncing. ¬†I have many contacts that have multiple cell phone numbers and if I use Google Contacts as my CRM and put someone in with 2 mobile numbers and then look on my iPhone only 1 mobile number shows up. ¬†The iPhone can’t handle syncing 2 mobile numbers for 1 person. ¬†

I for example have at least 3 mobile numbers. ¬†1 specifically for the US, 1 for when I’m in Spain and 1 for when I visit Israel. ¬†Now if we’re friends here in the US and both go to Barcelona for MWC wouldn’t it be a pisser if you only had my US mobile # in your iPhone and not my Spanish number? ¬†

Keep in mind I can only verify that this is a problem on an iPhone.  Android devices sync contacts nearly flawlessly with GContacts and my BB sucks at syncing anything except incoming email. 

Agree, JebBrilliant – I also find it a big niggle that Exchange/Outlook only allow one number for a mobile field.¬†¬† You’re allowed 2 for business, 2 for home, and a fax for each – but only 1 for mobile.¬†¬† And why on earth still support fields for radio/telex/car/pager?¬†¬† Isn’t it time the the vcs format or ics format or at least the end to end implementations like Exchange/Outlook/Windows Phone clean up this dinosaur?

A related big niggle is the phone that treats every messaging box as separate and only offers key features (i.e., signatures) to some of them.¬† Windows Mobile allowed you to use signatures with SMS and MMS messages, just like Inbox, but Windows Phone took that away (for some unknown reason).¬† BTW, not that it’s easy to do MMS on WP7.2 anyway – it’s impossible to find.

Android battery life, further on down in the podcast as a complaint from Rafe, is a key issue for many of my phones too.¬†¬† What you guys failed to point out is that you Accept the apps that clearly specify that they’re going to keep your phone from sleeping.¬†¬† Battery life improvements have been¬†largely driven by sleep time increasing – allowing apps to synch in the background and keep the phone from sleeping is nice for the programmer, but lousy for the user.¬†¬† Now the niggle is that they apps don’t offer the ability to download them without that option active.¬†¬† That option should be mandatory to get app store approval.

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