Put CrackBerry’s Kevin Michaluk on the RIM board!

Kevin is the top man at the world’s #1 BlackBerry site, CrackBerry.com. I’ve worked with him and his ace team of CrackBerry addicts regularly through the years and found them really nice, smart people.

RIM’s having a few challenges at the moment, particularly when it comes to keeping the faithful in line. One reader emailed Kevin to ask for some action, especially over a misleading Tweet from BlackBerry about new devices. The reader concludes thus:

I strongly feel that you [Kevin] owe all of us an article on this subject. Something direct and to the point, without beating around the bush. Again, it’s not RIM bashing, it’s accurate reporting.

Kevin responds in-depth and finishes with this point:

Maybe the solution here is to get me on RIM’s Board of Directors at next year’s AGM… I’ll make sure as a company RIM does a better job on this type of stuff! Do you own a bunch of shares by chance? Let’s vote me in!

via Dear CrackBerry: Give it to us Straight! | CrackBerry.com.

Now then.

I have a policy on not owning any shares in any publicly traded companies in the mobile industry. But you know what, in this case, I’d buy a few RIM shares so that next year, at the AGM, I could vote Kevin on to the board. Not only would this be a flipping brilliant thing to do anyway, it would give Kevin tremendous insight into the operations of the company. It might genuinely help out BlackBerry too.

How could this be achieved at the AGM? Well it’s simple. CrackBerry has about a billion highly-passionate, highly-engaged readers. If each of them bought a few shares, one would imagine it would be reasonably straight-forward to table a question/motion. I don’t know, I’d need to do some investigating. Obviously I’d imagine a majority of shareholders would need to vote in favour. That might not be far to reach though.

Interesting times, interesting times. Good luck Kevin! 😉

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