True/false: Could Nokia stop selling phones today and still deliver in 2012?

Here’s a point that reader Richard Marshall made on my Google+ feed just a moment ago:

Nokia could stop selling phones now and it wouldn’t make any difference. It’s all about making 2012 enormous. Let’s hope they manage it. The Meego phone looked lovely – WP7 on something like that with the right marketing should be a winner. But there’s a nagging doubt that they will snatch failure from the jaws of success

I think he’s absolutely right.

Of course the revenue made on the boxes going out the factory door each day is still useful, even if it’s lowering every quarter.

But the fundamental point is WP7. It’s ALL about Windows for Nokia — and it’s all about 2012. Get it right and the company is #winning.

Get it wrong and it’s time to seek an equitable acquisition by an existing industry player. Or, perhaps more excitingly, a new entrant.

Heh. I do like Richard’s balls-out approach.

Try that on on Nokia.. 😉

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