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What’s your speaker system of choice for your PC?

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Ok this isn’t quite mobile per se. But we’re all geeks here, yes? So I could use your help. Right now I have no speaker system for my Mac Pro. I used to have a JBL Creature set — but that’s at my other place. So right now I’m using the Mac Pro speaker — which, I’m not afraid to say, is rubbish.

Occasionally I stick in some headphones but it’s just not as good, especially if you want some music in the background.

Therefore when news of the Bose Companion 20 multimedia system arrived in my inbox, I was ready to react. In fact, reading the blurb, I had a mini feet-stamping moment, asking myself why I don’t have one. I then went straight into spend-more-money-mode, listing the reasons why I should definitely go out and buy one. I’m rather taken by the ‘unique control pod’ which I imagine sits in front of your monitor, enabling you to control audio volume and connect headphones or another device.

This particular set from Bose comes with two speakers – no woofer. I won’t bore you with the audio gubbins and words like ‘fidelity’ and ‘frequency’. It’s Bose. They’re brilliant. We move on.

Although I haven’t tried these Companion 20 speakers, I think they might be worth a look. As for the price, well — it’s Bose. £199 is the RRP. So what do you think? Should I be hunting for these on Amazon?

What do you recommend for audio playback on PC/Mac?

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3 replies on “What’s your speaker system of choice for your PC?”

I used to have an inexpensive 2.1 system. Worked pretty well. Now I just got a small shelf stereo and hooked it up to the computer. It’s not as compact but it’s better amplified, and I get a remote control too.

Sony makes some very nice ones with surprising audio quality (for what I heard) that can be found for less than $100 in the US.

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