iPhone 5 to hit shelves by September 16th?

Rumours abound this morning that the iPhone 5 is due to hit shelves by September 16th. Some guy’s sister’s pet’s friend’s Uncle — who met a guy — reckons that it’s a virtual guarantee.

“Apple has called in extra support for that whole week,” says the friend’s Uncle (who met a guy), “Which means it’s a dead cert that, at least in the States, the iPhone will go on sale then.”

When challenged as to the authenticity of the report, the Uncle reckons that the guy he met says he got the information from an analyst.

The analyst was having lunch in the park not far from here. It was a rather sunny day and the Uncle was talking a walk in the same park. He bumped into this analyst by mistake when both dogs got tangled up — like it happens in the films, yeah? The Uncle brought out his iPhone and the analyst dude said, “Oh, don’t get an upgrade yet because..” and proceeded to explain the above.

So there you have it. Gotta be true.

[Disclaimer: Portions of this article are not yet fact checked.]

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7 replies on “iPhone 5 to hit shelves by September 16th?”

That’s when they’re officially in the shops, I’ve got a geezer down the market says he’s on a promise for a box of them for Saturday the 3rd. Gave him £100 to make sure I’m first in the que.

Its all Apple’s fault that people seem to get soo stressed out about when the next iPhone will launch. They want the keep everything to themselves so they can have a big event and lots of near panic. They create the drama 

At lest with RIM you sort of know whats coming and went. So by the time the next Blackberry goes on sale its all just as expected. 

Why even bother with the iPhone 5?

I know automatically without even checking that the hardware on it will be inferior to what Nokia smartphones had 2 years ago, let alone the distant dream (for iPhone owners) of N8-level hardware.

“But Symbian’s shit”. Err….except it’s not. And the next major upgrade to Symbian, “Anna” is out now for all existing newer phones, which makes it whiz-bang fast. And lots of people are running leaked betas of the NEXT major upgrade (Belle) which replaces the whole UI on Symbian and I hate to tell you this but it’s being declared better than the iPhone or Android UIs (which of course only reinforces the insanity of Elop’s move to WinPho).

“But there’s no apps”. Err…except there are plenty and the store is growing rapidly…

So, job done. As I said, who needs an iPhone 5, or an Android x.x? My N8 + Anna + Belle outguns them all, thank you very much.

Having had an extensive play with Symbian Belle, it is a carbon copy of vanilla Android plus the “sqircle” icons. If you like this may I suggest you avail yourself the next device in google’s own Nexus range when it arrives in the autumn.
Or stick with your Symbian for the next 5 years as the hardware is reasonably robust. There are quite a few apps now, and some of them are quite good. Though many of the 5 star Ovi rated apps I have used on S^3 are better described as average to poor in the context of iOS and Android comparison.
Have you spent any time in Russia, they love their S^3 phones over there, people are even still buying them in the shops!


> people are even still buying them in the shops!

Whatever next! How quaint 🙂

> avail yourself the next device in google’s own Nexus range

Sure will, and I’ll also ship myself off to Siberia to spend time in the Gulags as that would be about as pleasant an experience!

(where have the Disqus comments gone by the way? I know Disqus is crap, but this is just primitive).

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