LogMeIn Ignition for half price, highly recommended

LogMeIn Ignition

LogMeIn is one of those services that I use more or less every day. It’s a superb remote access solution that enables you to connect to any one of your computers from any web browser.

I use it to re-export videos and upload them, to find a file I forgot to put on DropBox, to send something as an attachment, all sorts of things.

I have come to rely heavily on LogMeIn.

The basic service is free. You simply register an account, install the LogMeIn client on your Mac or PC and then whenever you want to access it, just visit logmein.com. You can choose to upgrade for a lot more functionality. But the basic service is conveniently free.

In more recent years, LogMeIn Ignition — the company’s mobile app — has been hugely useful. I find myself using both the iPad and iPhone version equally. They’re both excellent.

The one slightly jarring issue for most people is that Ignition is very expensive: £20 or thereabouts. This does put quite a few people off, because it’s a serious amount of money to pay in the context of a £0.59 Fart app.

For me value and return-on-investment for Ignition is far, far higher than it’s cost. Not for nothing has it been ranked as the top-grossing third-party app of 2010 by Apple.

And you have to remember, the basic web-browser version is completely free of charge. So I think charging a premium for the mobile app is justified.

Once you’ve bought it, you can use it on either the iPhone or iPad. Or Android if you choose. [Incidentally, I hope they’ve got a Windows Phone version coming soon].

Now for today’s good news: Right now, LogMeIn Ignition is half price, meaning that you can purchase it on Android for £9.07 and iPad/iPhone for £10.49.

If you’re thinking of getting organised for the next quarter and if you regularly wish to be able to access remote machines at home or at the office, definitely get yourself a LogMeIn account. And I strongly recommend getting hold of Ignition at this special price. There’s no word on when the special offer will end — I bet it’s something like a week long ‘back to work’ deal.

You can find Ignition in the iTunes App Store/Google Market — do remember to register a free account and setup a computer at logmein.com first though.

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