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Orange Thursdays Film To Go: Have you downloaded today’s movie?

Somebody somewhere at Everything Everywhere needs a big, big pat on the back. The deal that Orange has done with Apple to give away free movie rentals every Thursday (full info) will have cost the company money, no doubt.

However it appears to be paying huge dividends.

Everybody who subscribes to the iTunes newsletter — and that must be a TON of people — got this in their inbox today:

Orange Thursdays promo newsletter from iTunes

Shocking. Absolutely shockingly good.

I can’t begin to think of the value that Orange is garnering from this kind of alliance with Film To Go.

Today’s movie is The Wrestler (iTunes Link). It’s got a lot of positive ratings on iTunes. I think I’ll give that one a go this week. I’ll save the £2.99 rental fee thanks to Orange — although I will be paying them £0.35 for the text I send to get the redemption code. Fair enough. Still a nice deal.

It’s also a super reminder — in your personal inbox — that Orange is looking after it’s customers with tangible free gifts. The Film To Go advertising has been running all over the iTunes desktop and mobile products for a few weeks now:

iTunes desktop screenshot

Good move Orange. Very good move.

A quick reminder for Orange customers: Get your redemption code for The Wrestler by texting FILMTOGO to 85060 (text codes cost 35p).

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