Review – Speck SeeThru case for MacBook Air 11″ – Speck-tacular!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an Apple fanboy.

But I have room in my heart to be another kind of fanboy–especially when it feeds my fanboyism for Apple.

I’m talking about my lust for Speck, the Palo Alto based case designer/manufacturers who (mostly) make cases for  Apple products. My very first Speck case, for the original iPhone, was a black Pixelskin. The Pixelskin combines the looks of a hand grenade and splayed out bicycle tire, and every subsequent iPhone I’ve ever owned (iPhone 3GS  and iPhone 4), has also been adorned with a black Pixelskin. I can’t count how many times I’ve dropped my various iPhones over the years and had nary a break, scuff, nor scratch.

The Pixelskin HD is another fantastic case from Speck that I have owned–it’s like the Pixelskin but the “pixel” squares on the back are a great deal smaller.

But my new all time favorite Speck product isn’t a phone case at all: it’s the lustful SeeThru case (color: clear) for my 11″ MacBook Air. You can see the product shot on the right from Speck’s site, but since it’s nearly invisible, to really get an idea you have to see it in person.

One thing I don’t normally like about many cases, even the nicer colored ones, it’s that they hijack the already stunning industrial design of Apple products. But the SeeThru (color: clear) case for my 11″ just gives that Apple design a sheen. And the feel of it.  Oh the feel of it. It feels like a piece of hard candy–but it’s not sticky and it won’t rot your teeth.

The idea of using cases for MacBook Airs might be kind of counter-intuitive to most. Part of what make the Airs so great is their svelteness, so why would you want to add thickness of any kind?

I was actually shocked at how little the Speck SeeThru added to the profile–it really is negligible. And because the Air is so light, there have been times that I’ve forgotten there was a laptop in bag, and plopped it down rather carelessly. I’m glad to know that my Air now has an extra layer of protection–who cares how many milimeters thicker it is.

The fit  of the SeeThru is incredible. There is no creakiness or any kind of any sort of play either way, even though the case is a stiff plastic (not at all rubbery or stretchy).

Also, since the Airs typically run cool, the problem of insulation of heat isn’t there. Speck also makes cases for the MacBook and MacBook pro, and I’d be curious to see how they deal with the heat coming off them.

If like me, or Ewan, you have a MacBook Air, I can’t recommend the Speck SeeThru case enough.

Disclosure: Speck is a client of Candace Locklear of Mighty PR, my former co-worker and dear friend. However, I had my first Speck case (and was indeed a fanboy) before I even met Candace.  


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