The background to Psion, Palm & Symbian

Remember this one? Thanks to Steve Lichfield for the photo.

Andrew Orlowski over at The Register has written a monumental series on the history and background to Psion. It really is compelling reading for anyone even slightly curious about the heritage of Symbian and developmental stages of Psion.

In today’s fast-paced smartphone world, it is rather useful to take a bit of time out to remember how we got here. It was Psion that started it all. And if you sometimes wonder about the rather passionate Symbian users convinced that the operating system’s heritage was second to none — well, they’re right. It was. It arguably still is. I’d love to have seen what they could have done with the right resources. It’s a different world now though.

So if you’ve a bit of time, get a coffee and have a read. Or bookmark it for later on.

I also hope that The Register consider releasing Andrew’s piece as a short story on Amazon (like what Ars Technica did with their OS X Lion review).

Super work Andrew.

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