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Wow, Canon & Fujitsu launching storage cloud for cameras? (No)

Ah dear, I read this headline from Reuters wrong today. I got all excited.

See what you think:

Canon, Fujitsu to work on cloud-based data storage

What does that mean to me? It means cameras, right?

Come on! Amazing! Wouldn’t that be cool if both companies got together to create a WiFi-Cloud-Storage-Amazon-Kindle-style service? I was immediately thinking about top end cameras with integrated SIMs, much like the Kindle model, sending all your photos across the internet (at 4am in the morning or off-peak, anyway) to the Canon or Fujitsu online storage vault.

Wouldn’t that be cool to have these big companies jump into the market? If the solution was good enough, I could imagine most professional photographers adopting it — and paying quite a lot for the privilege too.

Alas, no.

It’s something to do with multifunction printers.


By Ewan

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