3’s E586 MiFi: Blown away by the ridiculously fast speed!


So as I wrote earlier, I’m waiting for my BT Infinity service to be connected tomorrow so I’m using my all new 3 E586 MiFi that I got last week. (Do read about the rather frustrating circumstances of that.)

I thought I’d do another post about the MiFi just to illustrate how good I’m finding it.

I’m sitting on the third floor of my property. There’s a full ‘H’ signal on the device. Data is screaming through it.

I have to upload a 170.41 megabyte video to Youtube. I was thinking of waiting until I got the fixed-line connection to upload, but then thought it would be worth a shot to see how painful the experience was. I had no doubt the MiFi could do it — it’s certainly possible — the issue is throughput.

I wasn’t expecting miracles.

But goodness me it’s rocking.

See that image above? That was just as we started. Youtube reckoned the upload would take about 17 minutes. That’s pretty accurate.

Here it is at 30 odd percent.

And now, almost half way through the 170mb upload:

Very, very impressive.

By Ewan

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5 replies on “3’s E586 MiFi: Blown away by the ridiculously fast speed!”

Just picked one of these up myself and I agree with Ewan its a very nice piece of kit, going to be using it on the Great Western Mainline between Bristol & Slough so will report back on the speed, the train usually stops outside 3 HQ in Maidenhead for a few mins so I’ll try a speed test, it anywhere has 21meg that should be it!

Also although you can’t use other UK network sims in it I have tested it with my Irish 3 PAYG Sim and it connects fine with that (amazed its still connected considering I bought it July 2010) and also my Swedish 3 Sim, although that one has either been terminated (from Aug 2010) or doesn’t have roaming. Yes I’m trying to collect a “Full House” 

As I understand it, there’s no free way to unlock it.  But Three have unlocked mine – cost £15 but not expensive for the flexibility of being able to put local SIM’s in when overseas

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