A reminder of Apple’s all round excellence

I was having a little poke around AdAge’s Top 10 Apple advertisements post and came cross this one for the iPhone’s FaceTime functionality.

Here’s the video embed:

I had to remind myself that this was an advertisement selling a piece of hardware (and a voice, text and data plan too).

I find it fascinating how the ad was able to focus almost 99% on the experience — the grandfather, his son, the new baby and nothing else.

There’s just an Apple and AT&T logo shown briefly at the end. They don’t even put a call to action, a domain name, a price or any tech specifications. Why do they need to bother? 😉

Apple’s whole package — from design, to hardware to software and their collective obsession for the experience — led them to this point.

I’m looking forward to seeing what they cook up with the next generation of iPhones.. we should hopefully have news on that during the next few weeks.

By Ewan

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