Android: What do you use for Twitter?

Twitter for Android screenshots

We had a question posed to us this afternoon by reader Benjamin Lethbridge who asks:

What do you hear to be the best Android Twitter client?

I actually quite enjoy the plain vanilla official Twitter client — I thought it would be interesting to see what people suggest.

What do you use?

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7 replies on “Android: What do you use for Twitter?”

I’ve tried most of them and just keep going back to Seesmic, even though I use Tweetdeck on the desktop.

I have found the Plume is by far and away the one I prefer.. so much so that I paid money for it.. Works well and is much more efficient in the way it gets notifications than the others so not too much batter suck by comparison.

Official + Dabr.

The former for push alerts, then the latter for responses and general checking. Obviously I’m biased, but using a web-based app is much more speedier and reliable (imo).

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