Batman in the park

Sticking with Orange, credit where it is due: The company’s FilmToGo offer is really giving them a lot to talk about. And it’s a pretty sweet offer: A free movie every Thursday (provided you pay the 35p text charge). This week it’s the 1989 classic, Batman. I have seen this add about six times today in four different formats — an every time I see it, I feel a little bit satisfied that I’m an Orange customer and I get free movies every week… super work Orange!


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Whilst I applaud Orange for the Orange Wednesdays promotion, and indeed the Film to Go one, they really should worry about making their data network a little (a lot) better. I’ve had the misfortune to use them recently and it’s not been great at all. To be fair same can be said with Voda, and O2, stop doing ‘deals’ and ‘offers’ just invest make the networks WORK.

Aye I think your point is well made Kip — it’s not an issue limited to one network — I don’t think I can say I get a brilliant network experience from anyone at the moment!

Well I’m still happily flying the ‘Three’ flag, their network is definitely improving, I get a great signal around most places even in deepest darkest Lancashire and their coverage along motorways and major roads is second to none (handy for Google Maps Navigation!). They don’t mess around with gimmicky ‘offers’ etc, so it is nice to think the money is funding a network, rather than the next ‘Orange Wednesday’ cinema ad! 🙂

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