Be sure to choose the €100k iPad ‘option’ on your next Bentley Mulsanne

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As the year is drawing to a close and you’re getting ready to spend the winter months island hopping across the Caribbean and the Maldives, I wanted to suggest that when you place your order for your next Bentley Mulsanne, be sure to ask them for the iPad option.

You’ll need to spunk an extra €100k for that — on top of the €250k for the car itself.

Still, it does mean that you can use some gorgeous technology whilst you are driven around.

(No word on whether there’s an integrated E586 MiFi unit from 3. That would be quite useful for the UK.)

Sadly the whole thing is just a concept at the moment — but one that I can see moving to the top of the request pages for many Mulsanne owners.

You can find more information and some pretty spectacular pictures at this Engadget post.

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One reply on “Be sure to choose the €100k iPad ‘option’ on your next Bentley Mulsanne”

Good mark-up for Bentley! Think somehow I’ll stick with my current beast.

Surely the point at which you think that a motorised seat back tray is a good thing is the point at which you want the people around you to do the decent thing and unplug the life support machines…

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