Is it wrong to spend £225 on an iPad cover?

Given you’ve spent about £399 or thereabouts for the device, is spending half of the value on a case worth it? How much did you spend on your iPad case? Me? I didn’t bother with a case!


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By Ewan

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23 replies on “Is it wrong to spend £225 on an iPad cover?”

Whats the origin of the leather? Where was it manufactured? – Thats my only concern.
I dont care what other people spend their money on. New boobs, new noose, virtual gold, virtual pet, designer jeans (tailored in some 2cent regime) – whatever rocks your boat 😉

Ewan – are you just building up to a Malsanne purchase that you’re planning to justify to yourself as just an expensive iPad cover?

Yes. Yes it is. People with £225 iPad covers will be first against the wall when the revolution comes. Just like Overfinch drivers or anyone wearing anything by Abercrombie & Fitch.

I think that’s one for @danlane:twitter  or   @whatleydude:twitter  

(actually, damn you social media world, why do I just expect my @’s above to just magicaly get to the relevant parties? Hmmm?)

(oh, they do. Handy.)

I have it on good advice that you own clothing tailored around gagetry. In fact, that your fair visage is utilised to promote said garb…

I maintain: spending £100,000 on a mobile drinks cabinet with all the class of a footballer’s wife and much the same utility puts you against the wall with X-factor producers, News International executives and whoever invented Collateralised Debit Obligations.

Where’s @dominictravers:twitter when you need him in an argument?

Mobile hardware should be robust enough to not be cased. Range Rovers don’t need black anodized 22″ wheels. Abercrombie and Fitch is purely designed to allow the well to do to “dress down” Few people have true class like you Mike 🙂 

Hmmm…I think something as big as an iPad does benefit from one. But the £30 standard smart cover is fine. or an all-over one if you want to keep it scratch-free to resell when the next one comes out.

Actually, maintaining resale value would be a major consideration.

And I reckon A&F is more for the not-well-to-do who want to appear well-to-do. The properly rich wouldn’t dream of shopping there. They buy their Barbours from charity shops, like us 🙂

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