Sell your old phones for cash on the High Street

I was in Bracknell town centre over the weekend. I had to pick up the ‘repaired’ iPhone — do you remember? Vodafone’s insurance people were going to replace the cracked screen. They just gave us a reconditioned one instead. That works.

So since we were in Bracknell we had a look about.

My wife ended up at the cosmetics counter in Bentalls so I took the baby for a stroll. I came across this shop, Cheque Centre — as illustrated. They appear to offer a variety of cash related services. What caught my attention was their mobile phone offering. You can take any phone in there and walk out with cash a few minutes later.

This concept is nothing new in the context of pawn shops or tech swap shops. What’s appealing to me, however, is that the recycle-your-phone-for-cash online services take a little while to work. You have to post your phone to them and wait a week or so before you get notification of actual value — and then you may need to wait another week for the cash.

I really like the immediacy of being able to sell devices quickly — same day — and get the cash there and then. A sign inside the shop explained that you don’t need to bother bringing manuals, boxes or chargers. I would imagine that there will be an overhead for this service — that is, they will probably pay less cash than the online services. I should have gone in and asked how much they’d pay for an iPhone 4 just to get an idea. H

ow many devices have you got sitting about cluttering up the place? Your local Cheque Centre (or equivalent) might be worth a visit. I reckon I must have at least a grand’s worth of old stuff near my desk. Has anyone tried out Cheque Centre or any High Street place for this kind of thing?

By Ewan

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Really not any different than CeX, no? Although, it’s a crapshoot as to whether they (Cex) have enough cash on hand. And you need to shower after visiting the place. Not sure if Gazelle works in the U.K., but they’re smashingly good.

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