“A magazine is an iPad that doesn’t work”

A stimulating statement there — a magazine is an iPad that doesn’t work — however as this post over at Gizmodo points out, the statement has merit as far as one particular 1-year-old girl is concerned.

As the video’s anonymous creator notes, for this 1-year-old girl, “A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work.” She tries to pinch, tap, and zoom paper pages. And why not?

via Watch a Baby Treat a Magazine Like an iPad—The Crazy Future.

Here’s the video in question:

Note how the little girl is trying to make the magazines zoom and move. She just assumes that it’s how things should work.

I came across the post thanks to this tweet from Russell Buckley.

Wolfl then followed up by pointing out that watching this video reminded him of this scene from Star Trek — the one where Scotty has trouble interfacing with a Mac:

Heh. Genius.

Back to the iPad point — my 1.5 year old son Archie is seriously unimpressed with the television. He’s been trying to swipe that now and again. And look for the ‘home’ button too.

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