Deploy your Android or HTML5 to the PlayBook in 5 minutes at DevCon

If you’ve got an Android app or an HTML5 app that you’d like to see working on the PlayBook, I strongly recommend checking out this rather swish offer from the DevCon team.

All you need to do is turn up on site with the app code (A “COD” file bundle, whatever the hell that is) and some assets (e.g. image/icon/logos) and baam — the team there, on site, will help you go through the deployment process there-and-then.

If you’ve got everything ready beforehand (like your file assets and whatnot) then the process will take just minutes. You will be able to more or less walk out of the App Express zone with your app deployed into App World.

Obviously there are bound to be one or two kinks in the process — especially if you’re like me and don’t quite read all the instructions in advance — but there will be a team of developers in the App Express area standing by to help out.

And if you haven’t yet picked up a PlayBook, just by registering and attending DevCon next week, you’ll be able to pick one up free of charge! (More details here.)

As for me I still haven’t had any success at getting a Mobile Industry Review app developed for the PlayBook yet. I’m going to see if I can hire a chap to sort that out. Perhaps I’ll try and get someone to make an HTML5 news reader ‘app’ that I can have deployed to the PlayBook next week? We shall see.

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