Domino’s Pizza does £130,000 in a single day via mobile

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Goodness me have a read of this post from Matt over at The Next Web:

Domino’s Pizza, one of the world’s most popular pizza chains, continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of establishing an online presence and developing mobile applications after the company announced its biggest day ever for online sales last Saturday, taking over £1 million in orders, with 13% of them made via mobile devices.

That means that on October 8, Domino’s saw £130,000 in orders made via its iPhone, iPad and Android applications but also its mobile website – and that’s just in the UK.

via Domino’s mobile orders top £130,000 in one day – The Next Web.

I’m not surprised at all. If anything I’m delighted that Dominios saw fit to announce these statistics. The pizza firms have historically been trailblazers in mobile commerce and I’m delighted that they continue to announce their achievements periodically.

It’s absolutely critical for the mobile marketplaces that big companies such as Dominios *DO* actively reveal sales volumes. I certainly understand that it’s often commercially inappropriate to do this on a regular basis, however announcements like this will be getting lots of senior executives sitting up and taking notice of the mobile platform.

Of course, this statistic represents a ‘biggest day ever’ record. But if you assume that Dominos generates, I dunno, £25k a day from mobile, that’s £9 million a year. If you move that assumption up to £75k/day from mobile, that figure shoots to £27 million a year.

Either way, it’s clear to see the importance of mobile for many online commerce firms.

(I should point out that I have been accounting for about £30 of that £130,000 every Saturday in the last few weeks for my blow out cheat days. I’ve been using the company’s iPad app for that.)

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