How useful are you finding iOS 5’s notifications screen?

I’ve had a day with the iOS 5 notifications bar now and I’m split. Half the time I’m delighted that it fixes one of the stupidest issues with the iPhone by putting notifications all in one place.

The other half of the time, I’m furious that, in order to find anything out, I have to keep on pulling down at the top of the screen.

I don’t know if I’m sold on it.

It is *nice* to see, for example, Instagram notifications collected in one place. It’s good to have somewhere to view upcoming calendar entries. I do think that it would be far more useful to have this information surfaced on the main screen of the phone. I do wonder if the Apple obsession for UI neatness has resulted in a bit of a fudge.


I could go either way on it, I really could.

How are you finding it?

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3 replies on “How useful are you finding iOS 5’s notifications screen?”

I thought that this thread would be a lot more lively Ewan.

I must admit that I grudgingly like the new notification system. Grudgingly because I’m thinking about hopping over to android for my primary device (hello galaxy nexus). It occurred to me that not only does it radically overhaul the notification system, but completely usurps the need for Apple to introduce a widget engine, and that is quite a clever move on Apples part.

So largely positive so far

It’s definitely an improvement and possibly one of the biggest improvements in iOS 5, but it’s hard to get excited about notifications.  Especially when there’s very much a sense of about bloody time to it.

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