I’m going to WHITE SPACE in New York next week. Do you want to come?

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I’m delighted to report that I’m attending WHITE SPACE next week — it looks to be one of the most interesting events I’ve come across recently.

Should you be there too? It’s taking place next week on Thursday 13th of October in New York. I know the organisers so if you think you should be there, drop me a note and I’ll connect you.

Here’s the event overview:

WHITE SPACE, an exclusive invitation-only summit tailored to influencers and decision makers who help shape the direction of the business of popular culture, will take place on the afternoon of Thursday, October 13 at the Javits Center just hours before the doors open for New York Comic Con 2011. Conceived as a think tank for 100 masters and innovators in the fields of TV, film, comics, games, technology and advertising, WHITE SPACE is not a traditional conference, but is designed to foster open, transparent discussion between industry leaders. It will be kicked off by brief talks from three masters of media followed by small group discussions led by influential moderators.

WHITE SPACE executives will open this year’s event by describing plans for 2012 which call for a continuation of high-level discussion along with exhibits of the technology which is driving so much transformation in the pop culture universe.

That’s the standard blurb, but if you’d like the background, have a read of the background from the point of view of the event’s Chief Dude, Lance Fensterman.

Lance writes:

The basic idea of White Space is to take the big show floor of NYCC with all its fans, brands, games, comics, TV shows, – content in all forms – and flip it upside down and look at everything that goes into the making of the content we all crave. It’s about exploring the business of pop culture across platforms and industries. So we’ll have an interesting mix of folks from gaming, TV, film, publishing, technology, advertising and venture capital to engage a big dialogue about the crazy business of pop culture.

One name I recognise immediately from the speaker list is Matt Mason, author of The Pirate’s Dilemma — I saw him speak at Connected Creativity this year and found his viewpoints for mainstream media hugely compelling. Bring it on. I’m looking forward to his contributions in particular. Here’s the video interview I did with Matt at the event back in April.

If you’re liking the concept, drop me a note and I’ll connect you to the team there. I’m

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