iPhone Day is finally upon us, the rumours will shortly be over!


Have you been sick of the sodding iPhone rumours? They’ve been never-ending, they really have.

Tomorrow at 6pm London, the industry will take a collective deep breath and hold it for 90-odd minutes.

Well, I presume something like 90 minutes. I haven’t actually looked at any timings. I can’t be bothered.

I’ve had enough of it. Just tell me the news already.

It is exciting, though.

Let’s insert a period of self-reflection. I’m only ever satisfied with grand announcements at this level. I’m hoping for big things. I’d like to see a repetition of that original iPhone keynote when my mind expanded with excitement at the prospect of people being able to write ‘apps’ for this platform — and be able to distribute them easily, well, actually, have Apple do the distribution for you, via their new ‘App Store’.

I’d like to see some big NFC news. Facebook and Twitter integration should be stimulating to consider.

I’d like to see some good, smart, expansive thinking from Apple.

I really don’t want to see iPhone 4.1. You know, better camera and a few cosmetic bollocky additions — and a new price point. That, I’d like to take as read.

I want to see the next generation from Apple. I hope we will get a glimpse, at least.

I’m keen to hear more about iCloud. Can I finally free myself from the rather shit limited iTunes/iPhoto ‘desktop’ experience? I hope so. I’m also looking forward to playing with iOS 5.0 properly — I hope it’s actually released tomorrow.

What else?

It’ll be interesting to see how the company presents itself (without, we presume, Mr Jobs on stage at all).

I do wonder how the reality distortion field will bear up without the man himself. He’s always been closely associated with these keynotes so I’m keen to see how the rest of the team come across.

My preferred way of doing consuming these events is to follow along with a few liveblogs — loosely — and then watch the whole keynote, end-to-end, later on that evening once it’s hit the Apple site.

Above all the most exciting part of a keynote announcement is the knowledge that whilst you and I are evaluating the new kit/service offerings, hundreds of massive companies are hastily convening board meetings to collectively do some unplanned ‘brick shitting’ (as one executive described the experience) as a result of the news. Bring it on! 😉

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