Nokia World: I haven’t seen this much excitement for a long time

I’ve been in and out of meetings today and I’ve been taking the temperature of the UK tech marketplace at each one.

I’m surprised at the level of excitement brewing. Expectations are running high. Nokia has done a super job of setting expectations with the odd reveal now-and-again across the last few months.

The tech geeks I’ve been speaking to recently are positively fizzing. One meeting I had was interrupted whilst a chap spent two minutes showing the room off a video of combined clips of the “N800”. He was obsessed with it. Truly delighted at the prospect.

Interestingly, there’s been no talk of the operating system beyond a positive nod. The hardware has obviously been getting a lot of attention but without the usual “but, er, it will be running on Symbian” negativity.

I wonder if Nokia and Microsoft have got a sizzler on their hands?

All will be revealed officially on Wednesday when Nokia World begins.

In the meantime I’m going to try and find that video for you and see what you make of it.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Nokia has cooked up for us?

Find out more about Nokia World here.

By Ewan

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6 replies on “Nokia World: I haven’t seen this much excitement for a long time”

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Bring it on Finns! Show them not everyone needs to copy Apple to make pretty things. N9 FTW!

Yes, one could think I am mildly excited. I am absolutely stunned by the way by the N9 and its UI, made in 9 Months, not in the US, using a Nokia programming environment. It is the smoothest EU software i have ever seen.

Hope for the best but havent quite enjoyed some of the promo, almost felt like some people are marketing [via twitter] a *yawn* soccergame.

All I miss now is Nokia hiring Michael Buffer to open it all with the classic “Let’s get ready to rumble!”.

But again, I hope it will be [more than] good. God knows Nokia needs it..

If the flagship has the same body as the N9 it’s gonna be a stunner!
I think Nokia has some pretty cool partnerships in terms of apps and content to announce with the phones as well.

So predictions for Nokia World…..

Phones shown will probably be SeaRay, Sabre and Ace.
Nokia Maps for WP7 makes an appearance of some sort.
Agreements announced with likes of Warner Music, Viacom for
Agreements announced with VF, Orange, CMCC for distribution and

And my off the radar prediction…..

Announcement of S40 replacement whic is based on Linux.
But the twist will be that they’ve taken free Android source code
and put their own UI and services on top a la Amazon Kindle Fire.

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