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Rent an iPad in Spain for €25/day (including data)

This is an excellent find from Dusan over at Intomobile:

A company called PadInTheCity is running a neat business, renting 3G iPads to interested tourists in Madrid, Spain to help them get around the city. Each iPad comes preloaded with a number of applications and unlimited data — all for 25 EUR per day. That’s kinda steep especially for those staying longer in the capital of Spain.

via PadInTheCity rents iPads in Madrid, Spain.

I think I’d buy this, definitely. Right now it’s only available in Madrid however Dusan reports they’re aiming to extend operations to other cities around the world.

It’s a great concept. As Dusan points out, €25 a day does add up if you’re in the city for 2 weeks, however if you’re just there for two days, it might actually be really useful, especially given you’ve got unlimited data as well.

Nice idea. Find out more at

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3 replies on “Rent an iPad in Spain for €25/day (including data)”

Excellent idea, although the huge deposit will be a barrier to many. They probably have insurance for all sorts of damage on those iPads and I’m hoping they cover it up with some ZAGG shields or cases at the least 🙂

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