Vodafone’s ‘data test drive’ offer

I walked by the Vodafone store in Richmond yesterday and was delighted to see this special offer being advertised in the window. The concept is simple: Use as much data as you like on a new contract for three months, then choose a data package at that point. This makes perfect sense and should reassure new customers who worry about what data plan will suit them. I really like to see these kinds of smart offers. Good work Vodafone!


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It really is a great idea & I admire BigRed for taking this jump. but at the end of the 3 months there’s not a great selection of data allowances to chose from. The options only go up to 1GB on the highest tariffs. Even after that usage it’s an extra £5 for 250MB. That’s down from the 500MB that we used to be given. I don’t think Big Red have thought it thru enough if someone uses 2GB or even 4GB a month. I know there’s two Add On options but they’re priced the same as mobile broadband tariffs. 1GB £10. 2GB £15.
You see what I mean?

I don’t know about this. I tried Vodafone with my iPad from the chancery lane store earlier this year and pretty much everywhere in North London that I went, I had GPRS when I needed 3G!

I have had a contract for over a year now with Vodafone I got the tex about the data test drive , do you know when it starts and what are the pros and cons about this , thank you

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