38% of MIR readers want an updated 2012 version of the Nokia N95

I’m having a lot of fun with the Urtak ‘collaborative survey’ that I added early this morning. Some of the results are rather stimulating! What’s fascinating about the Urtak functionality is that readers can add their own questions at the end.

We started off with my generic 10 mobile ones and we’ve now got another 10. I added this one a little while ago:

Would you buy a totally updated Nokia N95? (e.g. 20 megapixel camera, Windows Phone, etc)

Right now the statistics say 38% of people say yes!

Heh! I still see the odd N95 or N95 8GB around the place when I’m out walking in London. The form factor was fantastic. More recently I really did enjoy the N86.

I’d *love* to see them updated for the next generation. Can you imagine an N86 or N95 style device rocking Windows Phone? Maybe. Maybe not.

What do you think? Are you in agreement with the 38% or are you siding with the NO camp? (62%)

You can find the survey here (and add your own questions at the end).

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