Bet this chap rues the day he bought a smartphone


Hello from the BA Lounge at Terminal 5.

This chap is using one of those new breed smartphones that we are all
buying. It looks like a top of the range HTC Android — from the back,
anyway. The brand doesn’t matter. All smartphones suffer from this arse.

Our collective problem is that we still seem to expect our phones will
perform across the business day.

When it comes to unusual and unpredictable situations, the problem gets
worse and worse — because at least when we’re going from home-to-office
and vice versa, we’ve made provision for the shit battery performance
(usually with chargers at each location).

This chap is actually sitting on a table in the BA lounge because it’s the
nearest position he can find where he can charge his phone.

You just know, too, that he’s only going to get about 10% additional
charge once he un-plugs and gets on his flight. Because he’s actually
using the phone whilst it’s charging. In fact he’s been on and off an
array of conference calls — so the phone is probably white hot by now.

It’s such an arse, battery performance.

I’d be hugely frustrated if it was me. But then again perhaps he — and
the rest of the nation — just accepts this… I’m seriously considering
swapping to a mobile telephone (and carrying a smartphone or iPad) to free
myself from the battery trauma.

This chap is lucky he remembered his charger. That’s second in importance
to forgetting your passport nowadays isn’t it?

Posted via email from MIR Live

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