Cannot Get Mail: The most annoying prompt on the iPhone?

Is this the most annoying prompt on the iPhone? I think so. For all it’s brilliant user experience innovations, you’d have thought they could have fixed this by version 5 of the operating system. For those unaware, if you are out of signal range and try checking your email, this prompt helpfully appears. If you made the mistake of adding three or four accounts to your email settings then you can experience the added joy of this prompt repeating itself four times. Every time you’re out of signal and looking at email.

Almost as annoying as the ‘what connection bearer would you like to use’ Symbian message along with the ‘are you sure?’ app install prompts.


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I should point out that in my office right now there are 2x Mac Pro desktops, 2x MacBook Airs and 2 MacBook Pro laptops. I’m a bit of a fan.

He’s an equal opportunity nit-picker and praiser.  Personally, I think it adds weight to his comments as he doesn’t just have a biased axe to grind.

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