Have a play with the MIR Urtak collaborative poll…

I read about Urtak earlier and decided to stick it up on MIR and see how it gets on. It’s a collaborative poll/survey tool that really is rather addictive.

Here’s how it works. I’ve started one off with 10 questions. The only valid answers are yes/no/don’t care. Questions are shown in random order. You just click your answer to move on to the next question — and when you do, you’re shown the results of what everyone else thought. Plus, to make things even more interesting, you can add your own questions. (Silly ones get crushed/voted out by the community).

Give it a go and let me know what you think? I’ve stuck it on the front page of the site and I’ll embed it below:

Your Mobile Industry Opinions

By Ewan

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4 replies on “Have a play with the MIR Urtak collaborative poll…”

I don’t have an account, so maybe someone else can add the following question “Is mobile network quality (datarates, coverage, voice quality) more important than advanced access to public events?”

I’d be curious to see answers 🙂

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