[Insert YAFP here] = “Yet another Facebook Phone”

Charlie over at the Phones4U blog writes about reports that HTC is working with Facebook on an official Facebook phone.


I’ve set my expectations to way below zero. I most definitely look forward to being utterly amazed and surprised. However I do have to wonder what more you could do with Facebook on a phone beyond what we’ve basically seen already.

I suppose I could have all my photos (and video) uploaded immediately to Facebook by default, rather than having to tap ‘share on Facebook’ on Windows Phone (for example).

It could be a useful technique for Facebook to help show the way for other manufacturers. We shall see. I wonder just how influential an ‘official’ phone can be nowadays given the various offers we’ve seen from the likes of Hutchison’s INQ Mobile or HTC’s own ChaCha with the nice blue Facebook buton.

Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t get any bigger and more powerful, comes the news that it is strongly considering launching it own phone.

Marky Z’s social network is said to have teamed up with HTC to create the first official Facebook phone.

via Turn Up For The ‘Book: HTC to Build First Official Facebook Phone | Phones4u News & Community.

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