Is your house Siri-enabled yet?

How do you like the idea of turning your heating up by telling Siri to sort it out?

I like that a lot.

A *lot*.

I don’t want to have to arse about going into the kitchen — which is where our boiler/thermostat is — and open up the sodding boiler thingy and then screw about with stuff. No. I want Siri to do it for me.

And given how well Siri appears to work with my accent, I’m well up for this.

But not just the heating. I’d like to control a whole host of things from Siri (or, via voice). It’d be good to query the oven temperature and have it increased/decreased from the sofa.

It’s still a little experimental but Wired reports that if you’ve got the patience, you too can make this happen. Me? I’m going to wait until this stuff is a little bit more ‘production-ready’.

How long before your new Barratt Home comes with Siri integration?

Web developer Pete Lamonica is the brain behind the thermostat hack. He can now tell Siri to check his thermostat’s status, and change the temperature at which the heater or air conditioner turns on. Lamonica started on his project last Tuesday after Applidium released its instructions for cracking Siri using a custom SSL certification authority. The complete project took about five days.

“I had originally planned to do something similar to that College Humor skit, then I thought I could have it control my wireless thermostat. I created a proxy to accomplish that,” Lamonica says. He’s a member of the St. Louis-area hackerspace Arch Reactor. “I’ve done some stuff with the thermostat before, such as having it log temperatures. It has a developer API which makes it very easy to work with.”

via Siri Hacked to Control a Thermostat — What’s Next? | Gadget Lab |

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I came across this the other week – you don’t even need to speak to it, it learns when you turn the heating up / down and then starts to control the temp all on its own – even senses when no-one is in and turns down the heating… bring it on!!

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