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Orange: Free XBOX 360 when you buy a Nokia Lumia 800

Have you been hearing about this deal from Orange? It’s been capturing the imaginations of quite a few normob (“normal mobile user”) friends and family. I’ve overheard people discussing it multiple times a day so — anecdotally at least — it’s certainly gathering a lot of attention.

Here’s the offer: If you upgrade to the new Nokia Lumia 800 (on £36/month), you’ll get an XBOX 360 absolutely free. For many, this is likely to be a huge, huge draw — and given the cross-platform fertilisation between Windows Phone and Microsoft’s XBOX (There’s a big green “XBOX LIVE” tile on every Windows Phone) — it does make a lot of sense.

I wonder how popular this offer is? I’ll see if I can find out. From the point of view of Nokia, it’s good to see these kind of offers from operators.

There’s more information on the Orange site. You’ll also see the posters advertising this in Orange Shops across the UK (if you haven’t already).

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” Xbox 360 Offer:    If you’re an Orange pay monthly mobile customer on an existing 12, 18 or 24 month plan and you’re eligible to upgrade we’ll give you a free Xbox 360 if you upgrade to a Nokia LUMIA 800 handset on an 18 or 24 month Animal plan.   This offer  opens on  16 November  and closes on  30November.  ”

They probably give you the crippled 4GB version (worth £149 on Amazon) in comparison to the 250GB one which is £170. Which seems like a pretty good deal.The problem lies in the fact that 4GB doesn’t let you do much. You can’t ‘install’ any games from your discs, you can only download Arcade games if you have space. You can also probably rent/buy movies but they won’t be HD because there’s not enough space.

Also, it was possible to buy a hard drive (for £100!) but it’s not possible any more, it seems. So, it might be worth it for the occasional/casual user.

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