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Pinch me: I’m seriously considering dumping Google & going back to Outlook!

I’m not happy at all with Google after their utterly stupendous announcement about dumping their Gmail App support for BlackBerry.

With just under two weeks notice before support official ends, I’m stunned that the company thought this was a suitable approach given the fact I spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds with them on Google Apps. I expect an enterprise quality service. I get this from Google Apps, however the app was integral to my experience.

I know that after the 22nd, I’ll still be able to use the app, but just the knowledge that Google DOESN’T CARE has shaken my confidence in the company.

On what level did they think this would be acceptable? Where’s the mission critical enterprise awareness at Google Central? I’m spooked.

In reality — if I take a step back — the techies at Google are right. Browser access on the BlackBerry is fine. It works perfectly well.

However their move has really upset my confidence in the company — strangely — since, I can clearly see that I am still able to access and query my data perfectly fine (if not as ‘nicely’) via the browser.

It’s emotional on my part.

What to do about it?

Well, I keep on finding myself coming back to Microsoft, to Office365, to Outlook.

You see one interesting thing is that I am hoarding email. I’m addicted to archiving. Just in case. I get stupid amounts of email and once in a blue moon, it’s rather useful to be able to query that mass of knowledge (e.g. for a press release I vaguely remember getting 6 months ago).

In sitting and evaluating the possibility of shifting back to Outlook I’m rather excited at the prospect of having a ‘proper’ email environment. That is, simply being able to delete stuff. Or keep it if I need it.

Oh I don’t know.

I’ve been hovering over the Office365 purchase button this evening. I’m also thinking about the brilliance of being able to seamlessly connect that to my BlackBerry.

Maybe I can get over my shock and continue with Google.

Or maybe it’s my email management techniques that I need to deal with.

Or maybe there’s actually not a problem…

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