What’s the best way to mobilise an old content management system?

A colleague of mine popped by today to ask my advice on mobilising content management systems (“CMS”). His company has a really old, creaking CMS that they’re utterly delighted with. It works fine, they don’t want to change it, everything is perfect. The only thing it doesn’t do is ‘mobile’. It doesn’t recognise iPads, iPhones, BlackBerries or so on. It just feeds the full web experience to everybody.

Now, it’s possible for them to upgrade to a different CMS — but that’s going to be serious, serious effort.

Are there any other solutions that you can ‘bolt on’ to mobilise their site? That was the question.

My immediate response was ‘yeah, I’m sure something like Mippin would do this from your RSS feeds’.

Having had a quick look again at the Mippin site, it looks precisely like the sort of thing they’d be able to help with. I especially like the fact they’ll give you a native app on each platform for £500 each too.

However I wondered what else is out there. Have you come across anything I should recommend to this chap?

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