Who’s buying a Kindle Fire then?

I’ve wavering on the Kindle Fire. Obviously it’s not available in the UK officially yet but that won’t necessarily stop me from owning one.

I don’t have a standard Kindle. Instead I prefer using the array of apps, mostly on my iPhone or iPad, to access my Amazon library.

The Fire, though, that’s something I feel I need to consider buying to check it out.

What’s your view? Are you planning on buying one? Have you got one in your hand? How are you liking it?

By Ewan

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14 replies on “Who’s buying a Kindle Fire then?”

I can not say that I have found the need to get any tablet as of yet, I just do not see the reason in getting one ‘yet’. Getting one would be nice but parting with cash to get one? I am still not sold.. I had a play with the galaxy tab 10.1 and can not say I was overally impressed with the android experience yet, developers need to get their fingers out and get some good content ready for the android tablets.

I do have a standard Kindle; e-Ink is SO much better to use for proper reading than an illuminated screen.  But I don’t currently own a tablet, so I’m comparing the Kindle Fire with an iPad & other available tablets.

My verdict so far?  Undecided!  Have to confess the price would be a major temptation – £162 if Amazon follow their usual US – UK conversion factor.  Less than half the price of the cheapest iPad.  The devices aren’t comparable but I reckon the Fire would be adequate for most of what I want a tablet for, namely watching TV/movies, web browsing and a few other apps.   

Some concerns though that it’s only running Android Gingerbread – I know Amazon have customised it, but starting off with what’s by now a fairly dated OS seems a bad start.  In a similar vein I’m slightly bugged it doesn’t have a SIM card slot – sure, I’ll probably always have a phone or MiFi on me, but really, no potential for 3G?

So staying very much on the fence for now.  Reckon I’d also have to play with one IRL before putting my money down – user experience counts for so much with these devices, wouldn’t be keen if it was slow or unresponsive to use.

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