James Murdoch takes the BlackBerry “More?” defence

If you’ve been following the newspaper hacking scandal, you’ll no doubt have caught the recent admission from James Murdoch: Apparently he did receive that email — but since he received it on his BlackBerry, he didn’t read the whole email.

This is a reasonable argument. I’ve done this many times. Sometimes if you’ve got poor signal, you can’t immediately use the ‘more’ command to retrieve more of the message.

Here’s what he had to say via The Telegraph:

“Given the timing of my response, just over two minutes after Mr Myler had sent his email to me, and the fact that I typically received emails on my BlackBerry at weekends, I am confident that I did not review the full email chain at the time or afterwards, nor do I recall a conversation with Mr Myler over that weekend.”

via James Murdoch was told in email three years ago that phone hacking was ‘rife’ – Telegraph.

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