My landline just rang. I ignored it. I never bother with it anymore…

A strange thing happened this afternoon as I was working away at home. My landline rang and I did absolutely nothing.

I let it ring out.

I didn’t care.

And for the first time ever, I’ve finally arrived into the mindset of: You’re completely irrelevant.

Now then, I still use the landline for calling my parents — although, I say that, really… no. I don’t. I just think I do.

The more I think about it I hardly every make a call on it.

And I definitely, definitely do not ever receive calls on the landline. Nobody knows the number.

Well, again, let me correct myself: Nobody important to me knows the number. Despite making sure it was Ex-Directory when we activated it here in Ascot about 3 months ago, we receive the odd rubbish call from someone wanting to do a survey (where you answer yes, yes, yes and on that basis, they try and flog you something).

I’m seriously considering switching the phone’s ringer off — if that’s possible.

I used to keep the landline for conference calls and for proper phone calls but nowadays Skype (and my BT Infinity connection) is highly reliable and far better quality.

The only reason we have a landline is because there’s no choice. You need one if you want an internet connection. At least, you did when I ordered my line a little while ago. I wonder how long it will be before we can actually avoid ordering a landline at all?

What’s your policy on landlines?

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