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UWar: Urban augmented reality warfare — time to get your T-Shirt on…

I just came across UWar. It’s a mobilised game seeking to deliver upon the promise of connected augmented reality war games. The concept is simple: You wear a special T-Shirt that contains your personal QR code on the front and back. You then use the mobile app to track and find other players. You can then ‘shoot’ them through the app.

Here’s how they describe it:

Uwar, Urban warfare in augmented reality, is a multiplayer first person shooter game in Augmented Reality, for smartphone and tab (Android e iOS). The game engine can reconnect up to 8 simple “marker” printed on the t-shirts of the players up to lot of meters can calculate with a server side logic who we’ve been hit by: Enough to create a new amazing way of playing digital games with friends.

Have a watch of the trailer:

When I was a boy I used to enjoy running around the neighbourhood with the other children playing games like this. The frustrating part was shooting someone (“Bang, bang”) and them either not noticing or — worse — noticing and choosing to make believe that your fantastically placed imaginary shot missed them! There’s no doubting with UWar!

It’s coming first to Android — there’s a closed beta live at the moment — and then we’ll see it on iPhone too. I could see this being very well received.

By Ewan

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