Audio: Listen to me rabbiting about Don Fernando’s iPhone app

I’ve been testing with Spreaker. It’s a podcast app/service that enables you to immediately and easily broadcast a live show from your handset — or from your desktop.

I thought I’d try out the iPhone app by describing the mobile commerce experience I had at my local tapas restaurant, Don Fernando.

Care to listen? Woop:


By Ewan

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4 replies on “Audio: Listen to me rabbiting about Don Fernando’s iPhone app”

I quite like Don Fernando’s but not sure I want to go there and have bloggers shouting into their phones with their latest views and comments 😉 

As for the Paypal app.. it is worth looking at the fraud numbers. HUGE!! A well known American style eating chain looked at the same app and the risk was way to high for them to consider it.

Basically, you can say you are going to pay by the app and just walk out.. but there are some issues with the Torex back-end as well. And.. if you don;t have 3G coverage, there was a bug that allowed you to fake a payment. At one point, you had to be a Paypal employee to use it.

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