Complete: 16 minutes on the call with 3UK to cancel my old iPhone 4 account

So I estimated it would take about 20 minutes for me to cancel my old iPhone 4 account. I wasn’t far off! It actually took just under 17 minutes to complete the termination.

(You can read the background here.)

The chap I spoke to in “Customer Options” — I think it was called — was rather shocked that the 3UK store told me to take out a new contract to get the iPhone 4S.

“We could have upgraded your existing line!” he cried.


So we went through the standard rigmarole and eventually, I got the cancellation figure (£163) which was £196 in total.

Fine. Job done.

That’s me content. I’d have liked to have done things faster though.

[And for the avoidance of doubt, I’m still definitely a Three customer — with a nice new iPhone 4S instead]

By Ewan

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