Got any recommendations for an iPad bracket/holder/tripod?

I had this in from a reader who needs a bit of help with iPad bracket/holders for filming. Do you have any suggestions?

Here’s what he’s looking for:


Happy New Year to you. I hope you had a good one.

Do you have of know of a bracket that will fix a small video camera on an arm to an ipad? I want to film the use of our new app. I want to film not just what’s on the ipad screen but the ‘user view’ i.e. close enough that you see what’s on the screen but also the whole ipad and the immediate area around it.

If I could mount the video camera at fixed distance from the ipad then I would only need to hold the ipad itself while filming. The alternative is filming with a device in each hand (which I’ve tried and am terrible at) or have someone filming over my shoulder which isn’t great either.

Any ideas?

The alternative is some kind of gaffer tape solution!


Now then — have you come across anything like this?

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