Got any suggestions for some DaaS/VDI providers?

I’m going to try virtualising my Windows desktop. I want it to run in the cloud — fast — and I want to access it wherever I am on the planet.

I want my desktop to persist, though, when I’m not online. And I don’t want to mess about hosting it and then having to apply all sorts of gizmos to make it work. I want it done by one single provider.

So I’ve a look at Desktone. They appear to be having some good success in the market with their DaaS (“Desktop as a Service”) initiative. For instance, Thames Water swapped thousands of employees using Desktone.

I’ve filled in the form asking Desktone to call me. I also tried out the 7-day trial but unfortunately that wasn’t long enough for me to get organised enough to properly try it.

I’ve also taken a look at the hosted virtual desktop offering from Rackspace. It promises a 30-day trial so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Do you have any suggestions for companies I should look at? Please do let me know.

Initially I want to try it all out on me. Then I’d like to recommend the solution(s) to some of the FTSEs I’m working with.

Do any of the operators offer this as yet?

Update: I talked to the team at CyberlinkASP who are the partner behind the Rackspace offering (Rackspace provide the server infrastructure, CyberlinkASP do all the virtual desktop goodness.) I came away rather impressed from the call. They seemed to know their stuff. This was also upheld by the simply superb experience I had with the test VDI instance using Citrix Receiver. It all just worked. I’m going to do more experimentation shortly.

Update 2: CyberlinkASP also tell me that anyone who’s a big fan of the Rackspace “fanatical support” approach to business will rest easy with them — Cyberlink offer their very own version of that: Their services come with full help desk and call centre support. This is critical if you’re looking for a rounded solution as apposed to a functional service. Indeed many providers I’m seeing in the marketplace simply offer the bog standard basics leaving you to figure out everything from setting up Citrix Receiver to sorting out printer installation. Cyberlink do it all. Plus, if you’re looking to do a small amount of users (e.g. 1-5) they tell me they’d be delighted to help.

Our help desk/call center comes with our product, and all users take advantage, from help loading the Citrix receiver, setting up printers and anything in between.  Most of the guys out there are lacking in support if they offer it all.  Also, we’ll take 1  to 5 users anytime 🙂

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