I really like Appifier: Turn your WordPress site into an app for $39/month

I’m going to definitely try Appifier out. I’ve signed up for an account. The concept is simply fantastic if you’re using WordPress. The service interfaces with the WordPress back-end to automatically populate your app. There’s no need to rely on transcoding RSS feeds.

The price point is simply fabulous too — $39/month or a one-off lifetime fee of $499. That’s going to seriously annoy a lot of mobile developers who make a good living converting blogs into apps. It’s also going to put a lot of pressure on the larger players in the industry who routinely charge a lot more for this kind of service.

Appifier is a new service, previously in beta, that turns WordPress sites into mobile apps. That’s not mobile websites, mind you, but actual mobile applications complete with push notifications, offline access, Twitter and Facebook sharing, plus a native look, feel and speed.

via Appifier Launches New Service That Turns WordPress Sites Into Mobile Apps | TechCrunch.



  • I like it. What I don’t like is that in this case ‘iPhone app’ seems to have become synonymous with the generic term ‘app’.

  • This is very true. I’d hope they’d expand their service to take care of the other platforms *and* HTML5 as well. Although I wonder if WordPress will buy/purchase/formally integrate the likes of WPtouch for something like that.

  • The service/company seems to have shut down now. I bought their app – the money was processed and there has been no response to any mail whatsoever. It has been over a month.

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