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NetQin’s got a new Co-CEO and a completely new brand: NQ Mobile

Congratulations to Omar Khan on joining NetQin. Omar was formerly the Chief Product and Technology Officer of Samsung Mobile so that’s a rather smart hire for the NetQin team that will give them even more clout. This news comes hot on the heels of their appointment of the mobile industry superstar, Geoff Casely as their top man in Europe.

NetQin, in case you were wondering, is one of the leading providers of mobile security — something that’s becoming more and more of an issue for enterprises and consumers alike. (indeed, their software is practically required for any enterprise handing out Android devices given the susceptibility of the platform.)

The company is one of the biggies — indeed one of the most influential mobile focused security firms around — with about 100m registered users growing at 300k a day!

The company is also about to implement a change of brand: NetQin is now NQ Mobile. I didn’t have a problem with NetQin myself — in fact I’ve rather admired it over the years, however I see the logic in terms of international expansion. “NQ Mobile” is far more accessible in a wider variety of markets.

So standby for the all new NQ Mobile branding to be unleashed shortly. I’m looking forward to it!

By Ewan

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