Have you see what o2’s been doing with their #o2Cupid campaign?

Kudos to the team at o2 who’re having a bit of fun and spreading the lurrve this Valentine’s Day through a series of personalised video messages from ‘Cupid’. There’s a hot Cupid (look out, ladies) and there’s a panto-dame-style Cupid — have a watch of his introduction and explanation:

It looks like the Cupid service has been up and live since yesterday and already the team has produced an impressive 135 personalised videos. I wonder just how many they’ll get through by the 14th of February? 500 videos? 800? Either way, it’s a brilliant marrying of social media and marketing.

Of course this is similar to what we saw with the Old Spice campaign a little while ago — I don’t think that matters at all though. It’s all about the immediacy and the personalisation. Bring it on.

If you’d like to get one of the Cupids to send out a personalised message of lurrrve, it’s really easy. You just need to tweet with the hashtag. All the details are right here.

Here’s a note of explanation from the o2 team:


Alex Pearmain, Head of O2’s social media love messengers, said:


“You could say it with chocolates, you could say it with flowers. But we thought that if you’re a social media fan then sending a romantic Valentine’s from the messenger of love himself might be a little more original! We hope the O2 Cupids will bring some couples together come February 14th.”


Heh. Love it!

Here’s the o2 Cupid Youtube channel.

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