MEF Americas 2011: Marco Argenti discusses Nokia’s support for developers

At MEF Americas in Miami I spoke to Marco Argenti, SVP Developer Experience & Marketplace at Nokia, talking about the firm’s focus on and support for developers. We talked through the  benefits of Windows Phone 7 (including ‘Live Tiles’), how Nokia helps developers address a broad (and crucially, global) market and how – and this is were Marco became most animated – Nokia’s focus was now on making apps a business for developers… This, he felt, was a key area of differentiation for the firm.

Read more about Nokia’s developer support at

We recorded four interviews, the highlights of which are below:

Nokia supports developers in ‘being in the business of apps’

Live Tiles offer a direct channel to consumers without opening an app

Nokia’s breadth of devices enable developers to address a wider market

Nokia store offers the biggest opportunity for local developers to monetize apps

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