You can pick up your MWC badge at Barcelona Airport!

I just wanted to post this reminder to anyone who’s attending MWC over this weekend. You can beat the crowds on Monday morning by obviously picking up your badge the day before. But did you know you can pick it up at the airport? Genius!

You need to be eligible for “FAST TRACK” — I’d imagine that will be most people provided you’ve got no complicating issues with your registration.

Here are the details from the GSMA:

FAST TRACK eligible attendees arriving in Terminal 1 should follow signs after leaving the baggage hall for desks 801 to 899 to collect their badge. You can only use this service if your Final Confirmation has ‘FAST TRACK’ stated in the title and a barcode is visible. Opening times are Sunday-Tuesday 07:00-19:00 and on Wednesday 07:00-16:00.

And if you’re aiming to pick up your badge from the Fira itself:

Weekend badge collection is available at Mobile World Congress (Fast Track and all other registrations):
Registration will be open Saturday 09:00-18:00 and Sunday 09:00-20:00.

Now, this is the science bit. It’s no good arriving into Terminal 1 with all this stuff packed away in your luggage. It’ll take you ages to find it. Make sure you’ve got it all to hand:


  • Your Final Confirmation email with barcode, either visible on a smart phone or a printed copy
  • The email titled ‘FINAL CONFIRMATION for GSMA Mobile World Congress 2012’
  • If you can’t find your Final Confirmation email, this is accessible from your registration account
  • Photo ID
  • Business Card
  • Please remember that only the attendee names in the registration may collect their badge

So, yes, you can’t have your friend or colleague do it!

Right then. Bring on MWC!

By Ewan

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