Episode 2 of the Emporia Telecom video series: Handset Philosophy

Video series supported by Emporia Telecom

Continuing our sponsored video series with Emporia Telecom, I’m pleased to bring you episode 2. In this one, the company’s CEO, Eveline Pupeter-Fellner, discusses the philosophy behind the company’s super-easy-to-use handsets.

Here’s the video:

Did you miss the first episode? Check it out here: Episode 1, an introduction to Emporia Telecom

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My clients are all aged from 50 to 80 years old. It is for me a profitable market. All of my customers want visible keys and screens, they do facebook, skyp, email, etc on iPad or laptops (I turn up font sizes and legibility for them) and will continue to do so because small touch screens are impossible to use beyond a certain level of normal macular degeneration and increasing tremor.

Re the podcast on this subject – excellent.  Even at 60 (I started programming when IT was a Colossus sized object in the company basement) I find that decrepitude of the eyes and hands is making touch screens a pain. 

There is a HUGE market for kit with keys and large print screens. Very soon they will need to have links to home blood pressure machines, safety monitoring etc linked to surgeries and on call services (replacing the orange cords in sheltered accomodation).  Such kit will only work if it has buttons and a charging cradle beside the bed (used as bedside clock, radio and alarm which, as many older folk do not sleep well and listen to a lot of radio in bed, will mean it is charged every night)

At the moment I point people to Doro and they are happy but I have not seen Emporia – where can I find them in UK?

Simon Blackman

Hi Simon

Great to hear from you.  I look after emporia’s communications in the UK.  I would love to chat more so can we make contact?  I am at chris (at) xl (hyphen) comms (dot) com.  Look forward to taking!

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