Episode 4 of the Emporia Telecom video series: The problem with rapidly evolving user interfaces

Video series supported by Emporia Telecom

It’s time for episode 4 of our Emporia Telecom series. In this episode, we’re back talking with Ian Hosking, Senior Research Associate at the Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge. Ian works regularly with Emporia to help ensure their products and services adopt all the principles of Inclusive Design.

I asked Ian to discuss the implications of rapidly evolving user interfaces on mobile. Whilst my immediate reaction is that (for instance) version 4 of Android is better than version 3, Ian doesn’t necessarily agree. He points out that it’s all very well pursuing a ‘constant beta’ when it comes to mobile devices, but manufacturers need to be aware of the ramifications of this regular change for the older generation.

See what you think. Here’s the video:

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